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Daniela - Oregano Essential

Hey Rosemary, very informative content you have shared. It is time for us to take back our health. Aren't we tired seeing our families fighting for their health? Oregano is a plant with outstanding health benefits and for our day to day well being. Believe me oregano oil is what I will never lack in my house. We use oregano oil daily, right down to even our laundry and it is quite amazing what oregano has done for me and my family. There are tons of ways to use oregano oils for our day to day well being. Oregano oil can be used to cure so many illnesses due to its Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Anti Parasite and Antiviral, Antioxidant, Emenagogue and Anti-allergenic benefits. I even make sure oregano is present is some of my meals. Not the oil but some chopped leafs of oregano in salads or pastas. Oregano is my own doctor and it's been great all along.

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