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Miracle Castellano

Do you know if is sold in the US I would like to buy some

Rosemary Fusca

Yes, you can buy Young Living Oils in the the US - They are an International Company....

*You can order as a customer: Retail price
*You can order as a wholesale member: 24% off

Go to www.youngliving.com and choose your Country

1. Click on “Member Sign-up” I’ve linked it here...Here
2. Click on Young Living Wholesale member
3. You will need to enter a SPONSOR ID and an ENROLLER ID. My Member ID is #1566284
4. When you sign up as a member, depending upon your Country - you can order one of the three kits, but it's not necessary to purchase the kits.
(The Premium Starter Kit is the best bang for the buck.)
5. You'll receive your order within 7 to 9 days... ENJOY!

Please let me know how it goes and if you need any additional information!

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