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I love this xox


So beautiful Rosemary. Your dad would be so proud of you!


So kind of you to say... ThankYou. I am very proud to be his daughter. Be Well.


Thank you for sharing this special memory with us Bella! 💋


Well I'm familiar with #2 as I've seen you in action going back to junior high to be precise. That is a very beautiful message Rose...I hope you had the opportunity to let him know how you felt. Your message brought tears to my eyes as I will too lose someone very special to me and I know it's going to hurt bad.


Wow....I remember those days clearly.... I was desperately trying to "be" these lessons, but I lacked the wisdom and maturity (still working on it... LOL)

I'm sorry to hear about you losing someone very special to you. There are few words that can soothe that kind of pain... xox... Sending you love, hugs and healing light xox


This was a very emotional read for me and I thank you for sharing it with the world. I'm certain you dad was a Great man and although we've only known one another a short time I can only imagine how proud he must be ova you as your a wonderful Human being. Dads are special And as shared above an endless source of knowledge. What a great tribute to him. Xo hugs


Thank You Ida. I'm so happy that this post was moving for you. With all of the darkness that many people face each and every day, I hope to be able to sprinkle some light and love.

I'm so grateful for all of the wonderful teachers and leaders that I have had, and continue to have and be inspired by... and even though we lose precious people, I fully believe that they live on through us... sharing their stories, values and precious memories...

Thank you for your kind comments. With Love and Hugs, xo

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